10 April 2018

So what does "Make it sing" really mean? ... accidentally deleted

I was about to add to my post entitled
So what does "Make it sing" really mean?
(previously at steve-dyson.blogspot.com/2018/03/so-what-does-make-it-sing-really-mean.html)
but accidentally deleted the entire post.

If anyone happens to have a copy, could they please send it to me.

I was going to add this excellent quote by Tim Parks in
Why translators deserve some credit
The translator who is on song – the one who has the deepest understanding of the original and the greatest resources in his own language – brings style and content together in something altogether new that is also astonishingly faithful to its model.
Love the expression "on song".
Beautiful and indeed precisely on song.

Recovered thanks to web.archive.org

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