12 February 2015

Haiku: Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie: so
easy to confuse I am
with I follow

by Sarah Leavesley
Source: here.

6 March: I would now add that I found the debate in France very one-sided with far too many focusing on freedom of speech and too few focusing on respect for others. The one is covered by law, the other is a simple a question of common decency. I even found myself agreeing with the Pope Francis when he said "respect for religion should limit freedom of expression".

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  1. There's no harm in trying. I suggest:: "I too am Charlie"

    Charlie was a tragedy, brought on in part by the obtuseness of its editors. The "I am Charlie" slogan became the flag of a mass hysteria. As others have said, what if the magazine had mocked the Holocaust?


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