16 September 2017

Glossary. Too little research.

Following this exchange on the Facebook FR<>EN Translators forum
Catharine Cellier-Smart shared a link to the group: FR<>EN Translators.
Colleagues working in the field of (higher) education might be interested in this list of terminology with 422 entries, which also includes some abbreviations.
English/French glossary on higher education & research in France.
Beatrice Goutfer: It's not a glossary, but a terminology list, but thanks all the same.
Adrien Lambert: Please, enlighten me, what is the difference between a glossary and a terminology list?
Catharine Cellier-Smart: Glossaries give definitions.
Adrien Lambert: Thank you, Catharine. Now that you have said it, it seems obvious to me, but I must admit that I have not been using this word correctly. I actually think that many people misuse it. In French, people often confuse 'glossaire' with 'lexique'. Interesting.

I posted:

Steve Dyson: We live and learn. Sounds like I have been using the wrong term for my French-English Glossary of Naval Technology for a very long time. While it does contain definitions and links to definitions, most entries comprise terms in French and a range of potential equivalents (in English) for translators and transcreators producing technical journalism on naval defence. As Adrien suggests, I may have been influenced by the looser usage in French. Still, there's no excuse for not having researched this in more detail.

NavTechGloss: client satisfait

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