25 January 2018

A quote that says it all

William Barclay, theologian and translator:
"No one has ever made a translation without the haunting sense of how much better it might have been, and of the imperfections of this translation no one is more conscious than I am."
Jost Zetzsche in The Tool Box Journal - A computer journal for translation professionals Issue 18-1-283:
This stands in such remarkable contrast to the way machine translation is often talked about in the media, or how unabashedly some MT developers brag about the results of their programs. But just this last week I realized that one term sometimes used by the media is actually very helpful. ... (MT systems) "convert" from one language to another.

Full circle

After completing a BSc in physics and maths in Australia and extended travels in Africa I found a job in Paris that left me with considerab...