12 February 2015

Haiku: Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie: so
easy to confuse I am
with I follow

by Sarah Leavesley
Source: here.

6 March: I would now add that I found the debate in France very one-sided with far too many focusing on freedom of speech and too few focusing on respect for others. The one is covered by law, the other is a simple a question of common decency. I even found myself agreeing with the Pope Francis when he said "respect for religion should limit freedom of expression".

03 February 2015

Warren Buffett on how to improve

Warren Buffett recently commented on how to improve in life:
"The best way you can improve yourself is to learn to communicate better," he said. "Your results in life will be magnified if you can communicate them better. The only diploma I hang in my office is the communications diploma I got from Dale Carnegie in 1952. ... Without good communication skills you won't be able to convince people to follow you even though you see over the mountain and they don't."
Great sense of priorities!

NavTechGloss: client satisfait

La publi-info postée par Mer et Marine le 15 mai donne une indication du niveau de satisfaction du client. Voir  18ème édition du Lexique f...