25 May 2018

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Night jasmine is an example of maritime literature, Je vais passer pour un vieux con is an example of light journalistic humour, for want of a better description, and all the other posts are transcreations, or translation/adaptations, of technical journalism from French to English.

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Here is the link to the original (in French) concerning a product that I find fascinating. The company is called SBS Interactive, the product is called Vis-On and the page I have chosen to translate and adapt is headed VIS-On : visualiser le tel que construit.

Here is my version:
SourceTranslated and adapted by Steve Dyson.


VIS-On: “As built” visualisation

8 February 2018

Ship inspections can be difficult to organise, first because most vessels are seldom accessible and second because inspections take time. They are nevertheless essential for training, to plan and prepare maintenance and other works and to show vessels to potential clients.
SBS Interactive developed the VIS-On® enhanced visualisation system to make ships directly accessible for online inspection and interaction.
SBS Interactive applications like VIS-On® save users time and money.


·  Remotely inspect ships and shipboard spaces using enhanced visualisation.
·  Train personnel to follow standard procedures.
·  Plan maintenance procedures and add tasks as necessary.
·  Do maintenance while compiling user-friendly manuals.
·  Prepare quotes by giving subcontractors direct remote access to relevant work spaces.
·  Improve safety by raising risk awareness and preparing for emergencies.
·  Promote products and know-how.
·  Compile visual inventories.

See equipment and spaces “as built”

Use VIS-On® enhanced visualisation software to prepare, document and share secure virtual ship inspections. VIS-On® offers far more than internet-based virtual tours developed for the general public. The package is designed for industrial use starting with secure immersive inspection tours by in-house teams or third parties.


Video features include:
·  360° panoramic photos taken inside shipboard spaces
·  360° laser scans to take measurements
·  2D panoramic views of outdoor and deck areas
·  aerial views recorded by drones
·  CAD/CAM drawings, views and graphics complete with attachments for virtual navigation.

Main functions

Use VIS-On® to:
·  create immersive virtual tours of ships (360° and 2D views, drawings, and laser measurement)
·  attach files (pdfs, photos, videos, Word® documents) to 360° views
·  interact with computer-aided maintenance management (CAMM) and electronic document management (EDM) packages
·  create inspection tours focusing on training, maintenance, safety, etc.
·  share tours with authorised third parties
·  remotely access tours via internet, intranet or offline
·  search, i.e. enter keywords to find items of equipment, spaces and attachments
·  improve teamwork (add tasks, tests, inspections, etc. as necessary)
·  measure distances to within a cm
·  compile inventories using 360° photos taken before, during and after maintenance
·  store attachments in a single safe location.


  1. Autre possibilité pour le titre: VIS -On: See it “as built” 
  2. Orthographe et ponctuation (surtout des listes) selon mes préférences personnelles. Bien entendu, d’autres préférences sont possibles.
  3. À supposer que SBS utilise « virtualisation enrichie » parce que c’est n’est pas la même chose que la « réalité virtuelle », j’ai traduit par « enhanced visualisation » plutôt que « virtual reality ». 
  4. Dans "Maintenir en préparant l’intervention et en ajoutant des tâches", l'expression "en ajoutant des tâches" ne me semble pas très clair. Pourrait-on clarifier ou donner un exemple? 
  5. CAMM & EDM: à confirmer. 
  6. ‘Tasks’, ou bien ‘jobs’ ? Pourrait-on clarifier ou donner un exemple?


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