21 June 2016

A glossary worth its salt

Allison Wright author of a That elusive pair of jeans at wrightonthebutton.com has posted an insightful review of A French-English glossary of naval defence under the heading A glossary well worth its salt.

Allison makes a number of, as I said, insightful observations including the following:
... this glossary provides a cogent argument for building something worthwhile for your own practical reference within a specific subject field. Such glossaries are far more dynamic than is initially apparent.
In many texts, including those where the proportion of ‘technical’ content is relatively high, consistency is not always desirable, and this is where a glossary which lists two or three target options next to one source head word is much more helpful than anything one’s TM might contain.
There is more than one way to skin a CAT, as the saying goes, and in this case, a glossary ranks high on my list of priorities.


  1. Hi, Steve,

    It is a funny coincidence that I just finished another chapter in my book where I touched upon "CATs for consistency" (that I consider largely overrated) in technical and financial translations. That is why I wondered about your "consistency is not always desirable". Could you elaborate on why not?



    1. Tomarenko,
      Thank you for posting and thank you for your excellent question. In a word, it all depends on the type of text, the client's expectation and the translator's approach. These questions are the main reason I write this blog. More specifically, you might like to take a closer look a:
      • Translation by emulation, take #1
      + Translation by emulation, take #2
      • Show ’em what you can do #2 to Show ’em what you can do #11.1 or Turning a problem passage into a gem.

      And please feel comment freely.

    2. Oops, that should have been addressed to Valerij. My excuses.


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