06 July 2016

dtSearch + IntelliWebSearch, latest

As mentioned in my previous post on dtSearch + IntelliWebSearch on 12 June 2015,
dtSearch can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop computer, making it ideal for translators, terminologists, LSPs and wordworkers in general. 

For translators and terminologists working on personal computers running Microsoft Windows, the combination of dtSearch Desktop and dtSearch offers remarkable benefits.

Those using IWSv3 can invoke a local dtSearch Desktop search by following the procedure detailed at 
How to set up a local dictionary in IntelliWebSearch
using these settings:

Notes=Change path according to your set-up (you may also add {Enter} to the end of Finish).
Quotes Off=Yes
Pluses Off=Yes

If you have both IWSv3 and IWSv5, you can set up the above settings for IWSv3 then import them into v5.
If you only have v5, follow the information and links above.
If all else fails, you can contact me or Michael Farrell and ask for the IWSv5_dtSearch.ini which you can then import into IWSv5.

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