25 October 2016

Cathars, better late than never

Libération, La Dépêche du Midi and other French newspapers relayed an AFP press release on the rather amazing fact that the Roman Catholic church has formally pardoned those who massacred the Cathars, also know as Albigenses, some 800 years ago. See also The heresy of perfection.

The article in Libération's edition of 16 October was entitled L’Église d’Ariège demande pardon pour le massacre des cathares.
La Dépêche du Midi's version of 17 October was headed: Cathares : l'église demande pardon.

The name Cathar comes from the Greek word katharoi, which means 'pure ones'. 

Vue prise le 25 juin 2001 du château Cathare de Montségur perché sur un rocher appelé "Pog" à 1207 mètres d'altitude. Haut lieu du Catharisme au 13e siècle, Montségur fut assiégé en 1241 et tomba le 16 mars 1244 où 205 Cathares furent brûlés vifs. Photo Pascal Pavani. AFP

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  1. Alas, all too typical of man's cruelty to man and to women and to chidren. And it continues today,as any glance at the day's news confirms.


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