04 November 2017

Translation and disruption #1

Event: Translation Conference 2017
Venue: University of Portsmouth
Date: Saturday 4 November 2017
Facebook: #2017portxl8

Topic: Translation and disruption: global and local perspectives

Conference blurb: Since Clayton Christensen’s seminal book 'Innovator's Dilemma' showed how a small-scale but innovative digital technology can overthrow large established businesses overnight, the idea of digital disruption has been causing both excitement and concern in businesses worldwide, from financial and legal services to entertainment distribution and the taxi industry. The world of translation is not immune to such upheavals and the notion of digital disruption is useful for understanding changes in translation practice.
Keynote speakers included:
Prof. Dorothy Kenny, Dublin City University
Prof. Kayoko Takeda, Rikkyo University, Japan.

In December 2016, the United Kingdom's Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) published The Translator and the Machine by Prof. Dorothy Kenny in the online version of The Linguist.

I missed the conference, but not the slides posted on Facebook (#2017portxl8)*, a couple of which triggered what I can only call a 'flash', by which I mean a sudden increase in the intensity and urgency of some ideas that had long been simmering in the background.

The slides quickly led me to the The Translator and the Machine which saved me the trouble of writing up the ideas just mentioned as I am neither the first, nor the best placed to explain them. Prof. Kenny has done a far better job than I could have.

* The slides I saw were posted by Sarah Griffin-Mason.

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