22 June 2013

Language services for (almost) every special need

On 3 June, I posted under the heading Terms for (almost) everything. Today, we're in a similar vein under the heading Language services for (almost) every special need. The 21 June issue of Slate includes an article entitled How Do You Say Shaolin in Sign Language? by Amy K. Nelson. It's subtitled Meet the interpreter who has signed for the Wu-Tang Clan, Killer Mike, and the Beastie Boys. The Browser's summary reads:
Profile of Holly Maniatty, sign-language interpreter for rock and rap concerts. Translates hip-hop in real time. “Her prep work includes researching dialectal signs to ensure accuracy and authenticity. An Atlanta rapper will use different slang than a Queens one, and ASL speakers from different regions also use different signs, so knowing how a word like guns and brother are signed in a given region is crucial for authenticity”

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