27 January 2015

Udemy MOOCs

My morning glance at Australia's "The Age" led to an article headed
This teacher earned $50k in two months
including the following:
The average instructor earns $US10,000 teaching on Udemy, and the top 10 instructors have earned more than $US10 million ...
Under the Udemy business model, instructors keep 100% of the revenue when they bring the students to the course. When the platform brings in a student, instructors earn 50% while Udemy takes the rest.
​From there I went to the Udemy site​ and looked up 'translation'.
First off the rank would appear to be EN-ES financial translator Marcel Solé.

Colleagues looking to add a new branch to their business -- and more particularly those who already have course materials on hand should perhaps consider the Udemy platform. The model sounds promising.

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