20 March 2015

Promoting human translation: The power of two

Friend and colleague Chris Durban recently took part in a Ruckusmakers weekend led by Seth Godin.

Chris took up the ruckusmakers challenge by compiling an eight-post blog entitled simply #RuckusMakersChallenge. (The posts are probably best read from #1 to #8, which is to say from last to first.)

Some of the content develops and expands on ideas presented in 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know. This time around, however, the storylines draw on Seth Godin's workshop. The resulting narratives are cogent and powerfully argued. It's instructive, inspiring stuff.

In her introduction (in post #1), Chris writes:
I’ll be exploring how some of Seth's insights apply to hot issues in translation and to my own personal challenge: raising awareness in the general public of how expert human translators work and how that expertise can be harnessed to make life better. And allow translators to secure the income and recognition they need to shape their working environment — and get even better at what they do.

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