30 March 2016

Colour words revisited

My post of 18 September 2014 entitled Colour thesaurus has attracted a steady stream of visitors. The topic also continues to attract the attention of other bloggers and writers.

On 4 March, IFLS writer Lisa Winter posted When Did Humans Start To See The Color Blue?

This tweet, posted earlier today
 4 hours ago4 hours agoCan you see a colour if you don't have a word for it?
linked to this cleverly entitled article Video Fix: Can you see a colour if you don’t have a word for it? by Raluca Caranfil, a communications trainee with Terminology Coordination team, part of the Eu's DG Trad department.

1 August 2017

More and better on this long-running theme: The sea was never blue, subtitled: The Greek colour experience was made of movement and shimmer. Can we ever glimpse what they saw when gazing out to sea? by Maria Michela Sassi in aeon.

21 September 2017

Languages don’t all have the same number of terms for colors – scientists have a new theory why: Recommended!

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