07 March 2016

How the French Think #6

More on Sudhir Hazareesingh's How the French Think: An Affectionate Portrait of an Intellectual People (Amazon link here).

Words, terms and expressions used in italics #3:

rentrée litéraire (p299); 'learners' (apprenants) (p299); 'culture of mediocrity' ('nullité') (p300); Lionel Jospin's gauche plurielle government (p301); 'mal napoléonien(p301); peuple de gauche (p301); nationalist retreat ('repli identitaire') (p303): idées fixes (p310); educational laïcité (p311); rayonnement — a characteristically untranslatable term which combines the sense of an expansive impact with a notion of benevolent radiance ... (p314); revolution and rupture (p317); the French mission civilisatrice (p318).

Noted in passing #3:

  • Patrick Besson ... article entitled 'Is French literature Dead?' Such observations chimed in with the widespread view in the anglophone world that contemporary French literature had lost its way. (p296)
  • in the United States more novels are translated from French than from any other language (p296)
  • a 'French model' of a large public sector
  • Left and Right ... reaffirmed the traditional 'French model'
  • a characteristic Gallic move from the particular to the universal (p300)
  • 'postmodern nihilism' (p301)
  • something really became significant only when it happened in France (p302)
  • whatever occurred in France had universal significance (p302)
  • Bernard-Henri Lévy also contributed to his own necrology (p304)
  • Jacques Julliard's Le Malheur français (p304)
  • ... the 'schizophrenic' expectations of the French  their love of equality on the one hand, and their passion for privileges on the other (p304)
  • ... the demise of grand narratives (p305)
  • Sarkozy's creation of a Ministry of National Identity (p305)
  • the writings of 'cultural' intellectuals (p306)
  • Éric Zemmour's Mélancolie française (2010) (p306)
  • Lorànt Deutsch ... Métronome (2009), an exploration of the history of Paris through its Métro stations (p307
  • Alain Finkelkraut's L'Identité malheureuse (p309)
  • the closing of the French mind (p310).

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