26 April 2016

Congratulation DCNS

Malcolm Turbull, the Australian Prime Minister, announced today in Adelaide, that the next generation of 12 submarines will be constructed in Adelaide, with DCNS of France selected as the preferred international partner for the design.

The FT put it this way:
DCNS of France wins A$50bn Australia submarines contract

Le Monde put it this way:
Sous-marins vendus par DCNS à l’Australie : les coulisses d’un contrat « historique »Le constructeur naval militaire français a été retenu par l’Australie pour la construction de douze sous-marins. 4 000 employés de Cherbourg, Nantes et Lorient vont y travailler pendant six ans.
This is a momentous decision for Australia and the RAN and an extraordinary achievement for DCNS. My congratulations to all concerned and to all my clients and acquaintances at DCNS.

I worked for DCNS's head office in Paris for 15 years or more as the leading freelance supplier of French-to-English translations. It was in the course of some 20 years' work for DCNS and other members of the French naval shipbuilding industry that I compiled 
'A French English Glossary of Naval Technology'

Earlier today I tweeted:
#DCNS to supply #AusNavy subs (#NavyDaily ). #t9n jobs ahead. Get #NavTechGloss (https://goo.gl/hyHhXj )

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