25 October 2018

A French-English Glossary of Naval Technology

Below you will find version 15d of my French-English Glossary of Naval Technology dated October 2018.

This glossary or lexicon is intended for French-to-English translators and writers specialising in technical journalism. The layout is an attempt to deal with a terminological challenge specific to journalism, whether technical or general, namely the benefits of direct access to multiple designations (aka synonyms) avoid repetition for stylistic reasons.

The glossary began as a simple Word document about 20 years ago and has simply grown and grown. To accommodate the amount of information it contains, I have adopted a custom page format (36cm wide by 25cm high). The idea is not to print it, but to use it on your computer display.

Until yesterday, the glossary was sold via Lulu and Lulu redistributors. From today, it is offered free of charge.

Download it here. File size: >4M.

Send comments and feedback via this blog or to the email address in the file.

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