28 January 2013

Value proposition

My value proposition:
To promote the products, services and image of French industry by applying best practice in English-language technical journalism and communication to each and every project. To this end, I translate more for my client’s customers and prospects than for my clients per se. This often involves taking considerable liberties compared with conventional approaches to technical translation.
This value proposition applies solely to publications intended (explicitly or not) to promote the client’s products, services and image to a clearly defined target audience. 

My translations may fail the translation industry's usual quality tests (which are intended for technical documents drafted by trained technical communicators using standardised terminology), but they do promote the industry and companies that I work for!

This post was inspired by What’s the Value of a Compelling Value Proposition? by Jessica Rathke in Surfing the big wave of language technology. Read her post here.

1 comment:

  1. I would say 'targeted' rather than 'tailored'. But you're right that accurate reproduction doesn't ensure convincing effect. All sales and advertising translating should be done with this in the minds both of the translator and the advertiser, n'est-ce pas? I'm reminded of a Canadian bank ad for a tax-sheltered fund, "Make the Most of Your Future!" which became in French, "Ne faites pas un cadeau au gouvernement!"


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