13 April 2014

On 'Eurish'

On 13 April, FT language columnist Michael Skapinker published a pice on 'Eurish', aka European English, entitled Eurish has developed a grammar of its own.

Translator Stephen Reynolds responded promptly with a letter published under the heading
Keep Eurish out of serious written communication. He concludes:
So here is a message for all those European business people who are smart enough to improve their English by reading the FT: keep talking in Eurish by all means, but if you have anything important to write, do so in your own language and find a serious professional translator to produce the English version.


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  2. After further reflection on Michael Skapinker's article and two common errors made by French-mother-tongue people when speaking English*, I now think that many are not using a new grammar per se, but simply mispronouncing English words ending in the letter -s.

    * I refer particularly to conjugated verbs and plural nouns ending in -s.


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