11 April 2014

'Picker', an ideal summer job for t&t students

On 10 April 2014 in an article entitled Shedding light on dark stores, FT columnist Emma Jacobs cast the spotlight on some negative aspects of dotcom centres and similar industrial factilities also known as 'dark stores' and the work performed by 'pickers'.

On a more positive note, the article reminded me of the time I spent as a picker on a short-term summer contract when a student. It also reminded me how often I recommended this type of job as a useful part-time or summer job for translation and terminology students for the simple reason that few jobs give young people better exposure to and physical contact with an incredible variety of products, parts and components along with a practical understanding of the importance of consistent terminology, catalogueing and similar tasks.

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  1. I agree. Also I used to tell my interpreter students to snap up any jobs they came across, e.g. showing tourists round, that were ignored by the professionals because they were too small or paid for at less than the market rate.

    My broken shoulder is mending.


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