18 August 2015

Customer feedback to webmasters can produce results

Whether as customers, users, browsers or language service professionals, we often wonder whether it's worth our time to send feedback to corporate webmasters regarding translation, localisation, language quality or other issues..

Well, these two quotes from EY UK looks beyond audit with digital design purchase suggest that it should, at least in some cases, be increasingly worthwhile (my bold):
Seren, which is based in London’s Silicon Roundabout and employs 50 people ... uses customer feedback to advise clients such as financial services, media, telecoms and gaming companies on their digital design.
“Conversations historically were about using digital technology for cost reduction and compliance,” said Mr Langdon. “Now EY and its clients have realised that the digital conversations have got to be about growth, innovation and the customer.”
Seren on content & channel strategy:
We define the types of content and channels that will allow you to effectively connect with your customers and build valuable relationships at any stage in the customer lifecycle.
Seren on content strategy:
We map ideal customer journeys to define the exact content and channel mix required to move your customers through them. By only investing in content that you know is required we are able to get more impact for your investment.

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