13 May 2014

Show 'em ... _#5

As the heading suggests, this post is one of a series.
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The spelling used here is based on the analysis detailed in the February 2012 post -iz- is not American.

Block 2

For the French, see Les paris gagn├ęs de DCN

Sugar tongs for chez Maxim?

A submarine’s pressure hull comprises a series of cylindrical sections welded end to end. DCN’s technique for butt-welding hull sections demands that the steel be preheated to a high temperature while carefully monitoring thermal expansion. The one-of-a-kind Gestec tool ensures controlled, even expansion. The 130-tonne ‘tongs’ hold the hull sections firmly but accurately in 22-metre-long arms.
The tool’s prime function is to control the distortion of mating hull sections and maintain accurate alignment while welding. Alignment is controlled by 144 hydraulic jacks fitted with displacement and load sensors. The arms of the 18-metre-diameter tongs encircle the weld area while continuously controlling distortion and alignment. The computerised control station features several digital displays and four programmable logic controllers (PLCs) monitoring 400 parameters.
Caption: ‘Sugar tongs’ ensure pressure hull sections are perfectly aligned during butt-welding
Running commentary
  • Using 'Gestec', the tool's French name, without further explanation.
  • 'Tongs' works well.... it's just a little awkward that this singular concept is represented by a plural noun.
  • The multiple designations in English (tool, Gestec tool, tongs, 'sugar tongs') match those in the French. Best technical writing practice in English would require fewer designations. Multiple designations are, however, common in technical journalism in both languages.

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