12 June 2015

dtSearch + IntelliWebSearch


dtSearch can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop computer, a network, an intranet or the internet, making it ideal for translators, terminologists, language service providers (LSPs) and wordworkers in general.

dtSearch case studies include various International Language Developer Tools.

For translators and terminologists working on personal computers, I recommend dtSearch Desktop with Spider or dtSearch Network with Spider. For LSPs and others wishing to give collaborators access to intranet resources, I recommend dtSearch Web with Spider.


IntelliWebSearch helps translators and terminologists to solve terminology problems more quickly by allowing them to search up to 50 online and local search engines and other resources all at once. The basic version (v3) is free while the latest one (v5) costs just €25. IWS has thousands of users with many translators reporting that it is their most precious and most used tool. IWS has been favourably reviewed in a number of translation industry publications.

dtSearch Web + IntelliWebSearch

As a long-established user of both IntelliWebSearch and dtSearch Desktop, I was keen, when asked to work with dtSearch Web, to add dtSearch Web to my preferred combination of resources and search engines directly accessible using IntelliWebSearch. For the moment, this is a work in progress. I will report here as soon as I can get the two tools to work together.

I initially assumed that there might be some generic way to link access any dtSearch Web database using IntelliWebSearch. Preliminary research suggests, however, that different dtSearch Web setup work in different ways and that access using IntelliWebSearch has to be tailored to each instance.

Update (29 July 2016): dtSearch + IntelliWebSearch

Michael Farrell, author of IntelliWebSearch (IWS), has written to say that the settings to get IWSv3 to invoke a local dtSearch Desktop (not to be confused with dtSearch Web) are:

Label=dtSearch (local)
Quotes Off=Yes
Pluses Off=Yes

Update (29 July 2016): dtSearch + IntelliWebSearch

If you have both IWSv3 and IWSv5, you can set up the above settings for IWSv3 then import them into v5.
If you only have v5, try to follow the information and links above.
If all else fails, you can contact me or Michael Farrell and ask for the IWSv5_dtSearch.ini which you can then import into IWSv5.


  1. Hi Steve: I am using both softwares for many years, and I cannot find the way to put dtSearch into the Intelliwebsearch. I am trying to create a macro to do that. If you have any new about this, please tell me. (jbocic@gmail.com) Thank you in advance.

  2. On 6 Jan, Michael Farrell replied:

    Here are the settings for dtSearch:

    Label=dtSearch (customize before use!)
    Notes=Change path according to your set-up (you may also add {Enter} to the end of Finish).
    Quotes Off=Yes
    Pluses Off=Yes

    They are exactly the same as the version 3 settings.


  3. Do this while viewing Michael's video on
    "How to set up a local dictionary in IntelliWebSearch".
    It's at http://www.intelliwebsearch.com/version-5/how-to-videos/7/#local-dictionary


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