19 June 2015

Making the complex clear

Making the complex clear pays, but clarity needs to be managed systematically. In this project, we have developed effective means to do so and examine how complex messages can be made clear - every time.
How can you make the complex clear? This is the key question behind a new global research study. The University of St.Gallen's Institute for Media and Communications Management (aka =mcm) institute and the Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management have conducted a study on how to make complex corporate communication messages clear -- and this in a systematic manner. The study shows -- through case studies, literature reviews, best practices and a survey -- how to create messages that have a clear context, a logical structure, focus on essential elements, and create resonance with their audience.

The study is the result of a joint effort with AXA, Swisscom, Grayling, and the Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management. You can download the pdf version of this clear communication manual here.
The following diagram shows our clear communication approach in a nutshell.
Communication Approach

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