21 July 2015

APTRAD, Portugal's new association for language professionals

It's been quite a few years since Portugal had a dynamic, energetic translators' and interpreters' association.

The situation now appears to have improved following the setting up of APTRAD, the Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters in Porto in February 2015. This is good news indeed.

The APTRAD site, solely in Portuguese for the moment, is crisp, clean and full of promise. The association has chosen The Alexandria Library to organise and conduct its CPD (continuous professional development) courses with the fringe benefit that the Library has put on line a page entitled APTRAD and The Alexandria Library: a strong partnership for Portuguese online CPD informing the world in English of just about everything anyone needs to know both APTRAD and the said agreement. Good work! I wish them all the best.


  1. Aptrad members and others: Many thanks for reading this.
    For those who don't "do Twitter", I tweeted earlier today:
    #Translators note. Important distinction: #Aprotrad in France and #Aptrad in Portugal.
    #Aptrad members: Take a look at "101 Things ...". Here https://goo.gl/myovCu or here http://goo.gl/6je9FS .

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