09 July 2015

Terminologie défense navale

Je travaille sur une nouvelle mise à jour de mon Glossaire français-anglais de la défense navale (ISBN 978-989-97568-0-9). A cette fin, je recherche les équivalents français des termes listé ci-dessous:
I am updating A French-English glossary of naval defence (ISBN 978-989-97568-0-9)
As part of this work, I am looking for French equivalents of the terms listed below:

Naval shipbuilding:

  • person-hour per compensated gross tonne / manhour per compensated gross tonne / manhour per compensated gross tonne (unit of shipbuilding productivity): source.
  • build slot 
  • shipbuilding position (Types: inclined way, side-launching platform, shipbuilding basin)


  • listening 'bird' / listening 'bird' (because it measures time of flight) source.
  • marine sound signal / marine sound signal (MSS) : source / warning charge : source.
  • sound short (definition: any hard, non-isolated connection between a noise source and the hull).

Military IT:

  • software fusion Context: The Marines expect to declare their STOVL variant of the stealthy fifth-generation aircraft ready for initial operational capability (IOC) despite difficulties with software fusion

Military procurement:

  • life of type extension (LOTE) (source: Jane's 14/09/14)
  • GoCo / government owned, company operated /
  • "directed offsets" policy Context: The "directed offsets" policy requires foreign companies to set up manufacturing bases in India.

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