14 January 2016

Plain language revolution in Portuguese

Here's a link that should be of interest to anyone writing for the general public in European Portuguese or buying translation services into PT-Eu, again for the general public.

Portugal now has a company specialising in plain Portuguese or Português Claro. For more information (in European Portuguese) go to Português Claro.

Sandra Fisher-Martins' excellent TED Talk The right to understand was filmed at TEDxO'Porto in March 2011.
Her TED Talk bio reads:
Sandra Fisher Martins helps Portuguese businesses and government agencies introduce clarity to their communications. After seeing a Plain English campaign in England, she was inspired to establish Português Claro — a consulting and training firm that works to ensure that people are not disenfranchised by what she calls an "information apartheid" that keeps the majority of her fellow Portuguese from fully understanding documents they need for their daily lives. She is working to develop Euro-clear, a European diploma in clear communication.

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